WordPress plugin: Zelig Dropdown Cats

This plugin displays the categories in the sidebar as a simple dropdown list (select box). Unlike the WP built-in dropdown_cats function, it gives the option to exclude some categories from the list.

I don’t know if there is already a similar plugin or if there is another way to do something like this, but it was funny to make and that’s enough for me!


  1. Download the zip file (current version is 1.4 of october 12, 2006).
  2. Extract the zelig-dropdown-cats.php file into the plugins directory in your WordPress installation (wp-content/plugins).
  3. Log in to WordPress administration. Go to the Plugins page and Activate this plugin.
  4. Put this code somewere in your template page, outside the loop (usually in sidebar):
<?php zelig_dropdown_cats(); ?>

IMPORTANT: if you are updating the plugin from version 1.0 or 1.1, please remove all the code formerly required at this point and leave only the function call, as indicated above.

The zelig_dropdown_cats() function has some parameters you can pass:

Parameter Values Description Default
sort_column name
sort list by name or id number id
sort_order asc
sorting direction of the list (ascending or descending) asc
file string name of the php file used to display selected categories (NOT WORKING!) index.php
hide_empty 0
1 means hide empty categories, 0 shows them too 1
exclude number or comma separated list of numbers these are the categories (ID numbers) to exclude from the list
post_count 0
if set to 1, display the count of posts in each category 0
title string text appearing in the list box when it’s closed. If you don’t want the first row as a title, use this parameter without any value (‘title=’) “Categories” (or corresponding localized text)
boxwidth number width size (in pixel) of the list box. If you don’t use this parameter or if you set it to 0, the list box will assume the width of the longest category name it contains. If you set a width value, longer names may be truncated at that point, depending on browser (IE6…) 0
child_of number If not set or if set to -1, shows all categories and subcategories. If set to 0, shows only main categories excluding all subcategories. If set with a category ID number, shows only its subcategories. -1


<?php zelig_dropdown_cats('sort_column=name'); ?>

displays list sorted by name.

<?php zelig_dropdown_cats('sort_column=name&exclude=1,3,5,6'); ?>

displays list sorted by name, excluding categories id 1, 3, 5 and 6.

<?php zelig_dropdown_cats('sort_order=desc&hide_empty=0'); ?>

displays list in descending ID order, showing also empty categories.

<?php zelig_dropdown_cats('title=Scegli una categoria&boxwidth=120'); ?>

shows “Select category” as a title in the list box and set the width to 120 pixels.

<?php zelig_dropdown_cats('title=&post_count=1&child_of=0'); ?>

don’t shows the first row with the title, adds the post count for every category and lists only main categories excluding subcategories.


The output code is valid XHTML Strict.
Tested with WordPress 1.5.2 and 2.0.x.


  • Version 1.4 (october 12, 2006): added “child_of” option to exclude the visualization of all subcategories or to show only subcategories of a given category. Another little upgrade lets you use more than one istance of the function in the same page.
  • Version 1.3 (august 26, 2006): now you can exclude the first row of the list with the title. Added localization support (translation of “Categories”, if available) as a default title.
  • Version 1.2 (august 14, 2006): semplified the code to put in the sidebar and added two new options “title” and “boxwidth”.
  • Version 1.1 (june 7, 2006): added “post_count” option to display a count of posts in each category after the name.
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  1. Situation dice:


  2. Frick dice:

    Grande Zelig … grandissimo !

  3. Situation dice:

    ehilà….rieccomi qui: chissà se questo plugin funziona con wordpress 2.0.1?!?

  4. Zelig dice:

    Già, chissà…
    Aspetto qualcuno che faccia una prova! :cheesygrin:

  5. Situation dice:

    guarda….se vuoi sono disposto a fare da cavia, visto che ho intenzione di aggiornare wordpress…a patto che tu ti impegni a risolvere eventuali problemi :cheesygrin:

    devo solo aspettare un paio di risposte da parte di un paio di sviluppatori di plugin, e poi procederò con l’upgrade….incrociando le dita

  6. Zelig dice:

    Io mi impegnerei anche, ma per poter risolvere eventuali problemi dovrei aggiornare anch’io a WP 2, e la cosa non è prevista a brevissimo termine..

  7. Situation dice:

    ottime notizie!!!

    ho eseguito l’upgrade (tra l’altro è una cazzata, ci vogliono 15 minuti e te lo consiglio)….e il tuo plugin funziona correttamente :thumbup:

  8. Zelig dice:

    Grazie per il test! :wink:

  9. Chikatze dice:

    Hi! Thank you so much for that plugin! :-) Do you have such for the archieves as well??? or how can i do?:food:

  10. Zelig dice:

    Thanks, Chikatze. Exactly, what do you need to do with archives? Just show them as a dropdown list or something else?

  11. Joe dice:

    I love this plugin. Is there a way to apply it to the link categories as well?

  12. Zelig dice:

    Joe, if you want to display every link category as a dropdown list with its links inside, I think it’s possible, yes. But I have to work on it a little… :grin:

  13. Arne dice:

    this plugin is great.
    thank you for the time you spent makin’ us happy ^^
    greetz from germany

  14. jayne d'Arcy dice:

    Zelig, I love you! I have been searching for this for ages. It was straightforward to install and use. My only wish for a future version would be for the list to show the number of posts in each category.

    Thank you very much!

  15. LEMONed dice:

    it’s a really cool plugin. gotta check it out. thank you for ur work! :rotfl:

  16. Zelig dice:

    OK, Jayne.
    You got it! :wink:

  17. aka dice:

    What a cool plugin!
    I use it at my blog(written in Japanese) and it works well :thumbup:
    I think many Japanese WordPress users love it. But many Japanese hard to read English, so I wanna translate [ENGLISH] – Plugin description section into Japanese for them. May I do it?

  18. Chikatze dice:

    No, only as a dropdown. :-):think:

  19. Zelig dice:

    Of course you can, aka!

  20. Zelig dice:

    Ok, Chikatze. If you just want a dropdown list with archive’s months (as you can see here in my blog), you don’t need a plugin at all. Just edit your sidebar.php and substitute the default code (should be something like this):

    <?php wp_get_archives('type=monthly'); ?>

    with this one (just copy & paste):

    <form id="archiveform" action="">
    <p><select name="archive_chrono" onchange="window.location=(document.forms.archiveform.archive_chrono[document.forms.archiveform.archive_chrono.selectedIndex].value);">
    <option value=''>Select month</option>
    <?php wp_get_archives('type=monthly&format=option'); ?>
  21. Chikatze dice:

    Thank you.
    But, sorry, it didn’t work. :-(
    What did I wrong?
    Might you take a look at my weblog? (German Part)

  22. aka dice:

    Thanx Zelig. I’ve done it. If you wanna read my translation, access here:

  23. Chikatze dice:

    Please help me!! (T-T) What did I do wrong???

  24. Zelig dice:

    Chikatze, you inserted an “escaped” code in your page. Maybe it depends on the editor you use. Try this: first copy the code above and paste it in Notepad, then copy this “clean” code and paste it in your sidebar.php file.

    @Aka: your site gives me a 403 error…

  25. Chikatze dice:

    Now it works! :-)
    Thank you sooooo much! :love::thumbup:

  26. medon dice:

    help me.. can you help me to made dropdown links on wordpress? i wait your information at my mail,

    thanks befor.

  27. Dana dice:


    This is a really great plugin, but I am having trouble configuring it to fit my layout. I have a two-column sidebar and when I put the code into the sidebar template, the dropdown menu either shows up at the top or the bottom of the other widgets (depending where I put the code). If it’s at the top, it is higher than the other column. I would like the tops of the two columns to be aligned. Could the output of the code be in a widget? This would line everything up nicely.

    Also, I have two groups of categories. Is it possible to have one dropdown list for one group of categories and another dropdown list for the other group of categories?


  28. Zelig dice:

    Sorry Dana, but I don’t use widgets (and, to be honest, I also don’t know how they work…), so I’ve never tested the plugin with them and I can’t help you with your first question. :(
    About the second one, you can do it working on exclusions (“exclude” option): you add a first list excluding a group of categories, and a second one excluding the rest of them.

  29. Dana dice:

    Thanks! I appreciate your getting back to me!

  30. Dana dice:

    Hi, I am back with a new request. I have a lot of categories to exclude and I make new categories all the time. Is it possible to make an option for the opposite of “exclude” – like “include”? If not, is it possible to make an option for “exclude” to have ranges (instead of 1,2,3,4,5 use 1-5)?


  31. Zelig dice:

    I must admit, Dana, that there’s already an option opposite of “exclude”… It’s the option “categories”, and it’s the same one also present in the WP standard function wp_list_cats, to be used with the same syntax: categories=array(categoryID,categoryID,categoryID…). The reason why the option is not documented in my plugin is simply because it doesn’t work (both here and in wp_list_cats, to be true…), and I can’t understand why! :wall:

  32. Dana dice:

    Oh no! That’s too bad…

    Thanks for letting me know!

  33. Jack dice:

    Hi, thanks for this very great Plugin, but i would like to know how to display the post count you add, i don’t know the code… ? :wall: please help me! :pray:

  34. Zelig dice:

    Jack, you have to add the parameter (as explained in the istructions above…) just like the other ones. Anyway the code to use in the function call is the following:

  35. Jack dice:

    thanks for your answer, but this only works with the cats and not with the archives? :)

  36. Zelig dice:

    With archives too, Jack:
    See reference for more infos.

  37. Jack dice:

    sry for gettin on your nervs but thanks for your great help! :thumbup:

  38. Zelig dice:

    No problem, Jack. Really. :ciao:

  39. Mike dice:

    Any chance of turning this and Links into widgets?

  40. Zelig dice:

    Not in short time, Mike, I’m sorry. As I was saying above, I don’t use widgets and I don’t have time to study how they work, at present… :-(

  41. Moof dice:

    Is there a way to limit the width of the dropdown box? I have a few long category names which I don’t want to exclude or change.

    Thanks – great plug in, by the way!

  42. Zelig dice:

    Grab version 1.2, Moof! :wink:

  43. Marshall dice:

    Is there a function to exclude “children of” a category? If not maybe something to consider for future releases. But this is a great plugin!!! Thanks for making it!!

  44. Marshall dice:

    One more question, can you do the same thing with pages? I would like a dropdown box for my pages as well. Thanks!

  45. Zelig dice:

    Thank you, Marshall. About your first question, at present is not possible to “exclude childrens”, but I promise that I’ll think about it… :)
    Better news with the second one: I’m just testing a new plugin to show a dropdown box for pages, so stay tuned! :wink:

  46. Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I’ve got your plugin installed and it works like a charm. Thanks for sharing your hard work!

  47. Jackson dice:

    Sorry to bother you, but is there a way for me to have a dropdown list that has a title, so that maybe you see “View Categories” and then when they click on the little dropdown arrow it shows the category names?

    Thanks very much for any help. :roll:

  48. Jackson dice:

    Sorry for the question above, I saw the final parameters in the ‘read me’ and saw what I wanted. However, when I tried to use the plugin, this is what it gave me:

    “WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘category_count’ in ‘field list’]
    SELECT cat_ID, cat_name, category_nicename, category_description, category_parent, category_count FROM wp_categories WHERE cat_ID > 0 ORDER BY cat_name asc

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /mnt/w0511/d46/s20/b024d5f9/www/blog/wp-content/plugins/zelig-dropdown-cats.php on line 108”

    Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    Thanks a lot.

  49. Zelig dice:

    Jackson, I think that your WordPress database has some problems… It’s not possible that you don’t have the “category_count” column in the “wp_categories” table! Which WP version are you running? Did you make any updates recently?

  50. Jackson dice:

    I’m using WP 1.5 there. Actually, I don’t know if the problem has to do with the fact that the WP is in a subdirectory but shows up in the main domain name (this was because I host more than one domain on that site and one of them was showing up at this domain name when it wasn’t supposed to).

    Is it possible for me to change the plugin and add the subdirectory name into it, and maybe that will work?

  51. Zelig dice:

    I don’t know if that could be the problem, Jackson, but I don’t think so. The plugin code doesn’t use any absolute path. It uses the $wpdb class to access database elements, just like in WP functions dropdown_cats() and wp_list_cats(), so if they work, mine should too (assuming you’ve correctly set up your blog’s dirs in Options/General). Otherwise, I don’t know, I’m sorry. :-(

  52. Dana dice:


    I have been using this great plugin on two of my blogs and I have been trying to get it to work on another one. I copied the code from the sidebar file for one of the blogs it is working on, but I don’t seem to be able to get the categories to show up in the dropdown list. I have tried putting the code before the primary sidebar, inside the primary sidebar, between the primary and secondary sidebars, and inside the secondary sidebar and it’s the same everywhere. I do not know where I got this form code from in the first place – maybe there is something wrong with it?

    Here it is:


    Thanks for your help!

  53. Dana dice:

    I have been trying to put the code in using #60 and #62 character codes but it won’t let me.

    The code looks just like the one you pasted above for the dropdown archives list. I am sorry I am such an idiot.

  54. Zelig dice:

    Sorry Dana, you can’t put code in comments (that’s only for me :mrgreen:)…
    Maybe you’re using plugin version 1.3 now? In this case please note that the code to use in the sidebar is changed! Otherwise, please write me an email with the code, and I promise I’ll try to help you!

  55. Marshall dice:

    Just checking back to see if you have been able to create a function to exclude “children of” a category for your “dropdown cats” plugin. Please, please, please incorperate in a future version! :pray: I found your “dropdown pages” plugin and it’s awesome! Great work!

  56. Dana dice:

    Oh, yes! I had the wrong code. Thanks for pointing that out!

    Great plugin! Thanks!

  57. Zelig dice:

    Marshall, you’d like an option to show only “root” categories and exclude ALL childrens, or you want to be able to exclude childrens of some categories only? Because the first case is easy, the second one not so…

  58. Marshall dice:

    When I create a new category I have to go to all my pages with a dropdown cats sidebar and tell it to exclude the new category. For example, on my main page in the dropdown cats box I have Movies, Music, News, Sports, TV. If I add a new category with Movies as the parent say Superman then Superman appears in my main dropdown cats box too. If I go to the dropdown cats box for my Sports page I would get Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Superman. So I have find the category number assigned to Superman and go into the code on all my sidebar pages and tell it to exclude it. The exclude list has become long and takes alot of time to maintain.

    I think the “Show Only” root cats you suggested would work but when I click on Movies in my dropdown cats box on my main page I want it to move to my Movies page and show all the categories I have there in that dropdown box for example Clerks II, Miami Vice, Superman etc.

    Does what I say make sense or have I gotten too convoluted in trying to describe what I’m looking for? Please let me know. Thanks!!!

  59. Knight dice:

    Anyway to add style to the drop down, the black arial text on white background looks really bad.

  60. Zelig dice:

    Rilasciata una nuova versione del plugin (1.4)
    Plugin’s new version released (1.4)

    @Marshall: so you have pages with custom sidebars, quite unusual but interesting. I made this new relese of the plugin with a new option that lets you show only main categories or only childs of a given category. I hope this will help you!

    @Knight: it’s possible to change the style of the list! Just put the code line in a DIV and assign it a class, then define the style options of this class (text, colors and so on) in your style.css file. Just remember to define the “select” element of the class and not just the class itself. For example, supposing that your class name is “dropcat”, you have to use a code like this in the sidebar:

    <div class="dropcat">
    <?php zelig_dropdown_cats(); ?>

    And something like this in the style.css file of your template:

    .dropcat select {
    font-size: 11px;
    font-weight: bold;
    font-family: courier;
    color: blue;
    background: #0F0; }
  61. Marshall dice:


    You are the GREATEST!!! Thank You so much!!!!:D This update is just what I wanted!!! You have made my life easier!!! Thank you for taking your time to help those of us who are not so gifted with the programming side of things!!! Awesome plugin!!!:D

  62. Gigi Massi dice:

    Ciao, scusa se riesumo la discussione…sto cercando di fare una lista a discesa per gli archivi, ma il codice “form” che consigli di usare non mi funziona…come faccio? Per le categorie ho risolto col tuo splendido plugin, vorrei lo stesso risultato per gli archivi, grazie per l’aiuto.

  63. Zelig dice:

    Strano che non funzioni, Gigi! Qual’è il problema, di preciso?

  64. Gigi Massi dice:

    …semplicemente non succede nulla, gli archivi restano così come sono, nel classico elenco per mesi ;-( Forse sbaglio qualcosa io? Il codice va messo al posto di …, giusto?

  65. Gigi Massi dice:

    …semplicemente, gli archivi restano così come sono, nel classico elenco per mesi ;-(

  66. Zelig dice:

    E questo è proprio impossibile! Se mi mandi una mail con allegato il tuo sidebar.php, proviamo a capirci qualcosa… :think:

  67. vicky dice:

    Is there a way to apply css styles on it?

  68. Travis dice:

    Awesome plugin! Just what I needed…BUT is there a way to get the current category for child_of=? and If it is a child to get the parent?

    I tried child_of=$cat but no worky. Any ideas?

  69. Zelig dice:

    @ vicky: Yes it is, and it’s explained just few comments above:)

    @ Travis: no ideas too, sorry… :-(

  70. Travis dice:

    Here you go for anyone who is looking. It also gets the current parent category as the “category” title

    $parentcat = ($cat_object->category_parent) ? $cat_object->category_parent : $cat;
    $thiscat = get_the_category(); $thiscat = $thiscat[0];
    zelig_dropdown_cats(“sort_column=name&boxwidth=200&child_of=”.$parentcat.”&title=”.$thiscat->cat_name.” “); ?>

  71. Zelig dice:

    Very nice, Travis! Thank you very much!!! :clap:

  72. vicky dice:


    Thank you ever so much!!!

  73. vicky dice:

    Zelig, i’m trying to display the children of 6 different categories in different drop down lists. One drop down list for each category. I have added, for example the: &child_of=1, for each category, to display the children of each category.
    It only shows the children of one category though. I don’t understand why??
    Is it not possible to do this?

    Could you have a look at the website? It’s in greek but it should make sense.

  74. Zelig dice:

    You’re right, vicky: it seems there’s a bug! :-(
    The “child_of” option doesn’t work if you use multiple instances of the function in the same page.
    I’m sorry, I’ll try to fix it.

  75. vicky dice:

    much appreciated..
    thanks zelig :thumbup:

  76. Zelig dice:

    Well, Vicky, I looked at it better today, and in fact the plugin is working well, it’s not a bug. I’ve been fooled in my first test, because I just added some subcategories and tried it. Maybe the same thing happened to you: if subcategories are empty, you don’t see them by default! You must set the “hide_empty=0” option too!

  77. vicky dice:

    I didn’t realize.. :roll:
    thanx zelig :ciao:

  78. Terje dice:

    Nice work :)
    What about doing a dropdownbox for Archive to?

  79. Zelig dice:

    Once again… for dropdown archives read here.

  80. ectostan dice:

    Fantastic plug-in! Did something very few plug-ins do: worked immediately!

    I may have overlooked this above: is there any way to make the last category that was selected persist in the box, instead of defaulting back to ‘categories’ or whatever I have in the first row? I’ve played around with “title=” , but can’t get it to work.

  81. Zelig dice:

    @ectostan: I don’t know, sorry :(

  82. Tom Rose dice:

    Great plugin. Thanks for working on this.

  83. Marshall dice:

    Can you show me an example of how to make the “file” function work?

    This is what I have in my sidebar now

    In reading your description above you write that the default for “file” is index.php. I want it to be category-70.php but I can’t seem to get it to work. Is there something I’m missing?


  84. Marshall dice:

    My last post took out the code I put in so I’m trying again but removing the from the ends. Hope this works

    php zelig_dropdown_cats(‘file=category-70.php&sort_order=desc&child_of=70’);

  85. Marshall dice:

    Any one???

  86. Zelig dice:

    I’m sorry, Marshall, but you’re right. The “file” option is not working… :(
    I’ll remove it from the options list asap (no time to work on it and try to fix, at present, sorry).

  87. Marshall dice:

    Sorry to hear that! But thank you for all you do Zelig! Your plugins have greatly helped many of us who can’t do what you do. I will check back periodically in the hopes that a future release will correct the ‘file’ issue :pray: Again, thanks!

  88. Clark dice:

    Is there a way to pass a the category ID of the current category into the child_of parameter?
    I’m unable to get the child_of parameter to work? zelig_dropdown_cats(‘sort_column=name&title=Model&boxwidth=220&child_of=3’); yields an empty pull down menu titled Model, even though category 3 has many subcategories.

    Great work! I’m excited to use this in my site. Thanks!

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  90. Zfen dice:

    Thank you. Just what i needed. :thumbup:

  91. Zelig

    In my blog I have a category “favourite posts”.

    How can I make a dropdown box to display these posts and no other categories?

  92. Zelig dice:

    Bock, actually you can only play with the “exclude” option, manually excluding all other categories. Maybe in a future release I’ll try to ad an “include” option too…

  93. seo pune dice:

    thank you very much!

  94. Des Walsh dice:

    I’m getting error messages on the Write Post page. Site host support wonders if it’s because WP 2.3 is installed and the plugin may not be configured for that.

  95. Zelig dice:

    I don’t know, Des, I’ve never tested this plugin under WP 2.3…
    (but what is involved this plugin with the write post page?)

  96. Des Walsh dice:

    Thanks for replying. My apologies – I got confused with another plugin for dropdown archives. But with your plugin for dropdown cats i get the following in the sidebar, followed by the dropdown box with the word “Categories” in it but no dropdown cats>

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘wordpress_thinkinghomebusiness_com.wp_categories’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT cat_ID, cat_name, category_nicename, category_description, category_parent, category_count FROM wp_categories WHERE cat_ID > 0 ORDER BY cat_ID asc

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘wordpress_thinkinghomebusiness_com.wp_categories’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT cat_ID, COUNT(wp_post2cat.post_id) AS cat_count FROM wp_categories INNER JOIN wp_post2cat ON (cat_ID = category_id) INNER JOIN wp_posts ON (ID = post_id) WHERE post_status = ‘publish’ AND post_date_gmt < ‘2007-09-12 11:38:47’ GROUP BY category_id

  97. DarioDN dice:

    1) hide_empty non mi funziona (mostra cmq la categoria uncategorized almeno : )
    2) come fare per “indentare” le sottocategorie, così come accade nel plugin per le pagine?

  98. Zelig dice:

    @Des: I suppose it’s a 2.3 issue. Maybe database is changed, I don’t know, sorry.

    @Dario: l’indentazione non è attualmente supportata, mi dispiace. Per quanto riguarda l’hide_empty non saprei, nelle mie prove funziona, ma non ho fatto test sulle ultime versioni di WP e potrebbe essere quello il problema.

  99. adam bell dice:

    Wow, that is a great plug in, thank you

  100. earl-ku dice:

    Zelig, is there any fix for wp2.3 with the drop down categories? i got the same problem like Des Walsh…

  101. Zelig dice:

    I’m sorry, but no fixes are available or will be in short time. Development and support for WP plugins is currently stopped (due to lack of time…) :cry:

  102. damnprinter dice:

    Why no hierarchical=1 parameter ?

    It looks a lot better when the child categories are indented.

  103. Zelig dice:

    I believe but, as I’ve said one comment above, development and support for my plugins is currently stopped.

  104. Catherine dice:

    Just for the record, this can be inserted into a text widget if you have a plugin like RunPHP or ExecPHP. That’s what I did.

    Unfortunately, I’m running 2.3.1 so while the plugin works I still have the problem noted with the 2.3 incompatibility. :wall:

  105. Chikatze dice:

    oh no! i have wp 2.3.2 now… and it doesn’t work anymore. :(

  106. Chikatze dice:

    could you please help me again?? i put

    in my sidebar code, but it doesn’t work anymore. :((
    what could be the reason???

  107. james dice:

    drop down cats not working in wordpress 2,5….hmmm not sure what changed..

  108. Keren dice:

    Thks……..it working in my blog….thanks a lot:clap:

  109. Register dice:

    Great job. I spend hours to find an solution to make it before found this.

  110. NZ Mobiles dice:

    Works for me, thanks Zelig

  111. vicky dice:

    Does it work with WordPress 2.7? Has anyone used it with this version?

  112. Dereck dice:

    I don’t quite get it what does this plugin do, but I will give it a try. Thanks

  113. Rasell dice:

    I tried to place the code on several free themes, and there was no problem, but I had real problem with one theme. Lost 2 hours copy and paste. Let’s see if everything will be OK.

  114. Tomas dice:

    It’s working fine, I just tried on 5 themes.

  115. niccseh dice:

    It’s realy great you’ve done. One question: Is it possible to have the plugin generate the list with a submit button instead of the jump function? Thanks.

  116. Zelig dice:

    Of course it is, niccseh.
    Just don’t ask me to do it! :shifty:

  117. Linda dice:

    Is there a way to apply css styles on it?

  118. Zelig dice:

    Yes, Linda. Please read this comment above.

  119. vicky dice:

    Zelig, there’s no other plugin like yours out there. Is there any chance you will be upgrading it for the latest versions of wordpress?

  120. Zelig dice:

    Still too busy, vicky, I’m really sorry. :cry:

  121. Feller dice:

    Maybe some update will bring some more interest to your plugin.

  122. Ralph dice:

    Great job! THAT ‘s it !
    Several hours lost in self-trying … that’s the answer for my problem!
    Neverending shaking hands …

  123. Anonymous dice:

    I added this to my website, but no categories are loaded with it?

  124. Jessica dice:

    My friend’s using this plugin for his blog and he is loving it! He happens to have wasted a great deal of time trying to figure out how to do just this and the other day, he got lucky and he saw your post! He’s one happy blogger now!

  125. Jenni dice:


    your plugin is awesome :o

    just one question: it works fine with standard articles but not with custom post types.
    any idea how to fix that problem or which setting i have to change for that?


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